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Just Keep Distorting the Truth — It’s For a Good Cause

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Our local Dog Trainer reports here that Bill Lockyer will not appeal the Ninth Circuit’s recent decision holding a Three Strikes sentence unconstitutional.

As I have discussed in a previous post, the first time the Dog Trainer reported on the Ninth Circuit decision, the paper buried on the back pages the fact that the man’s priors were actually robberies. Worse, the paper never described the force used in those robberies (shoving a security guard and driving over another security guard’s foot).

In this latest story, the paper doesn’t even mention that the previous crimes were robberies. The priors are described simply as “two nonviolent shoplifting offenses.” The word “robberies” (or “robbery”) does not even appear in the article.

And so the facts of the case are further fictionalized, so that reasonable citizens (who are foolish enough to rely on the Dog Trainer for their news) get the impression that one can be sentenced to 25-to-life for three petty thefts — an impossibility under California law.

But this distortion of facts is all for a good cause: promoting passage of the initiative to gut the Three Strikes law in November. I’m sure the folks at the Dog Trainer feel that the need to promote this initiative outweighs the responsibility to accurately report the news. Hence the repeated and increasingly misleading distortion of the facts of the Ninth Circuit case.

UPDATE: Re-reading the story, I see I was too kind. Here is the full quote describing the defendant’s past offenses:

In 1991, Ramirez pleaded guilty to two nonviolent shoplifting offenses iand served just over six months under a plea agreement.

(By the way, it looks like the Dog Trainer‘s spell checker is still broken.)

If they had said he had “committed” two nonviolent shoplifting offenses, that would have been inaccurate and a distortion. Saying that he pled guilty to shoplifting offenses is a lie. It was stated that way in their first news story as well, and it’s a patent falsehood.

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  1. LA Times — Lying for the Greater Leftist Good.
    Patterico gives it good once again to the truth distorting LA Times….

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