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What Should I Make Dean Write About?

Filed under: War — Patterico @ 9:26 pm

I have paid the $30 freight to make Dean Esmay write me an essay.

I was thinking about making him write me an essay about Mendelssohn and Wagner. But then Croche (aka Clod Debussy) wrote me one — for free.

So I am taking suggestions.

What should I make Dean Esmay write about?

P.S. If you want to make Dean Esmay write about something, just donate $30 to Spirit of America in the name of the Liberty Alliance. You can get Rosemary’s opinion instead if you want — or get both Dean’s and Rosemary’s opinions for one low, low price of $50.

Seriously, this is a worthy cause. Go to the site and check it out — you’re doing something positive for Iraq.

4 Responses to “What Should I Make Dean Write About?”

  1. I think you should make me write an essay on the origins of Jell-o.


    Dean Esmay (00292e)

  2. already did that.

    I’m looking to make you sweat a little harder than that.

    Patterico (f7b3e5)

  3. The time curve as one approaches the speed of light? General relativity? The first floppy disk drive for home PCs and its basic design?

    By the way, we haven’t gotten your receipt for donation yet. You only have until midnight. :-)

    Dean Esmay (4cde7e)

  4. Sent. Do I have to pick the topic before midnight, too?

    Patterico (f7b3e5)

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