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The only thing better than doing a trial is — finishing a trial.

Lou, if you’re reading this, thanks for your help. Leave me a comment!

What Should I Make Dean Write About?

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I have paid the $30 freight to make Dean Esmay write me an essay.

I was thinking about making him write me an essay about Mendelssohn and Wagner. But then Croche (aka Clod Debussy) wrote me one — for free.

So I am taking suggestions.

What should I make Dean Esmay write about?

P.S. If you want to make Dean Esmay write about something, just donate $30 to Spirit of America in the name of the Liberty Alliance. You can get Rosemary’s opinion instead if you want — or get both Dean’s and Rosemary’s opinions for one low, low price of $50.

Seriously, this is a worthy cause. Go to the site and check it out — you’re doing something positive for Iraq.

InfoScum Begins Legal Action Against Calblog

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InfoScum has filed some sort of legal document against Calblog’s Justene — in Canada.

Did I mention that they are scum?

Croche Answers Music Question

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Croche has weighed in on my musical question below. Unlike his political comments on this site, which are often trollish and annoying, he has some interesting thoughts on this topic.

He tangentially reminds me of a character in my favorite movie of all time, Full Metal Jacket. One of the best characters is a soldier named Animal Mother, who is played by Adam Baldwin. As a friend of his says:

You might not believe it, but under fire Animal Mother is one of the finest human beings in the world. All he needs is someone to throw hand grenades at him for the rest of his life.

And Croche is a fine human being when answering questions like the one I posed. All Croche needs is someone to keep him discussing music for the rest of his life.

P.S. His response was interesting only if you found the question interesting — which you probably didn’t.

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