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Via Captain Ed comes this hilarious anti-Bush picture:

Liberal Media Admits Liberal Media Bias

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Kudos to the Dallas Morning News for recognizing:

It’s time that we in the Fourth Estate admit that liberal media bias isn’t a figment of Rush Limbaugh’s imagination.

Amen, brother.

(Via Dave Huber at Oh, That Liberal Media.)

John Kerry Sucks

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Perusing my top Google ranking for the phrase: John Kerry is stupid, I realized that I am falling behind on my Google rankings for the phrase John Kerry sucks. I did well with the phrase Howard Dean sucks — but in these modern times, bloggers have to stick with the program. Hence my post: John Kerry sucks.

Am I doing this just because John Kerry sucks? Of course not. Let there be no no mistake: my post is rooted in my deep and sincere belief that John Kerry sucks.

Leave a comment if you agree that John Kerry sucks.

Coffin Pics Controversy

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Cori Dauber has a good post on the coffin images, and media distortion of the controversy.

She also argues that it is a mistake for Fox News to avoid discussing the controversy. I agree. Like CBS, NBC, ABC, and CNN, Fox has an ideological axe to grind. No serious conservative I know denies this (though few liberals I know have the intellectual honesty to admit the truth about the networks). But it’s disappointing when it’s this obvious.

UPDATE: In the comments, my readers dispute the contention that Fox News has avoided the issue. I believe my readers, for two reasons: 1) the readers in question are inherently credible, based on past experience; and 2) they say the issue was discussed on the Brit Hume show — without question the best show on the network.

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