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Angry, We Hardly Knew Ye

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I am sad to report the passing of the Angry Clam — the blog, not the person.

Blogging will be Angrier for the next few days, in his memory.

P.S. I am swearing off blogging for the rest of the weekend, out of respect. Also because I won’t have access to a computer. But mostly out of respect.

Iraqi Nuclear Sites Looted

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According to a here and here), it’s looking more and more certain that it’s happened.


Words Have Consequences

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Who said this:

We must take into consideration that this war brings billions of dollars in profit to the major companies, whether it be those that produce weapons or those that contribute to reconstruction, such as the Halliburton Company, its sisters and daughters.

The answer is below.

Bailiff, Please Bring in the Man with the Hardscrabble Background

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The local Dog Trainer reports here that rapper Shyne, whose real name is Jamal Barrow, has signed a record deal. According to the article, this is unusual because Shyne is in prison for 10 years, for shooting a few folks in a New York nightclub. He “may not be eligible for parole until 2009.”

In an amusing bit of P.C. doublespeak, the article asserts that

the jockeying for Barrow — including by Warner Music Group and Sony Music Entertainment — also illustrates the degree to which executives prize acts with the built-in street credibility that comes from hardscrabble backgrounds and run-ins with the law.

In other words, “criminals.”

The sources familiar with the deal said he could receive advances totaling as much as $3 million for his first album under the pact, depending on sales.

And they say crime doesn’t pay?

Barrow “could release a new recording as early as this fall on a label created for him by Def Jam, likely to be named Gangland Records.” The article concludes:

In a 2001 interview with XXL magazine, published before jurors reached a verdict in his case, Barrow said: “After I make it through this, man, I’ma be all right.”

Yes, I guess you’a will. Three million dollars’ worth of all right.

Thanks to First Amendment rulings like this one issued by our reactionary right-wing Supreme Court, this dude can even boost his sales by writing a few rap songs mocking the people he shot — and the state will be prohibited from seizing the profits to pay those victims’ medical bills.

Isn’t this a great country?

Another Child Molester Who Will Be a Candidate for Release Under the Three Strikes Initiative

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Here is another 25-to-life sentence that wouldn’t be possible under the Three Strikes initiative that just qualified for the ballot:

A 72-year-old man who is one of California’s most notorious child molesters was ordered to live out his life behind bars for trying to buy a 4-year-old boy for $500.

Kenneth Parnell, handcuffed to his wheelchair, was stoic as a judge sentenced him Thursday to 25 years-to-life for what prosecutors have characterized as his “last hurrah.”

Though the boy wasn’t real – a fiction created by the woman Parnell approached to fetch him a youngster and the authorities she told of his overture – a jury convicted Parnell on three felony charges, including attempted child stealing.

The prosecutor who successfully argued Thursday for the stiffest penalty under California’s “three strikes” sentencing law emphasized that Parnell had a history of abducting and keeping young boys.

He has been a danger to children his entire life,” prosecutor Tim Wellman said.

Parnell already spent five years in prison during the 1980s for twice snatching boys as they walked home from school.

Sure, the guy’s a notorious repeat child molester. Sure, he tried to buy a young boy for $500. But “attempted child stealing” is not a strike, so he would be ineligible for a 25-to-life sentence. Indeed, if the initiative passes, this sentence will be recomputed as soon as this guy can get to court. He may get out again.

You might say that, given that the defendant is 72, maybe it doesn’t matter that he might get out again. But given that he is still trying to buy children at the age of 72, it seems to me that it does. In any event, you’d get the same result even if he were 42, or 22.

Incidentally, I described another notorious child molester who could be released under the initiative, in this post.

Thanks to SoCalLawyer for the pointer.

Council Winners

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The Watcher’s Council is a group of blogs that holds a weekly contest for blog entry of the week. The winning posts are always worth checking out.

This week’s winners were announced here. Congratulations to AlphaPatriot for the winning Council entry, The Big Picture, and to Chief Wiggles for the winning non-Council entry, Chief Wiggles View on the Current Situation in Iraq.

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