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More on the Subservient Chicken

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Here are some details on what the Subservient Chicken will and will not do (and what he will sort of do).

But isn’t it more fun to find out on your own?

Correction Watch

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A correction in today’s Los Angeles Dog Trainer:

An article in Tuesday’s California section about the new president of the Mexican American Legal Defense and Educational Fund said Proposition 187 sought to deny public services to immigrants. The proposition sought to end most such benefits to illegal immigrants.

(Emphasis mine.)

Let me know if you ever see a correction where the original article skewed the facts to the right.

Your Political Correctness or Your Life

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If you have not watched every minute of the 9/11 hearings, you might have missed a frightening bit of insight into how political correctness affects our security. I learned about it from a National Review Online article by Michael Smerconish. (Link via the Ranting Prof.) Here is the passage that caught my attention:

Among [9/11 Commissioner John] Lehman’s questions [to Condoleezza Rice] was this: “Were you aware that it was the policy…to fine airlines if they have more than two young Arab males in secondary questioning because that’s discriminatory?”

Rice replied: “No, I have to say that the kind of inside arrangements for the FAA are not really in my….” (Lehman quickly followed up: “Well, these are not so inside.”)

Watching the hearings on television with the rest of the nation, I wondered what in the world Secretary Lehman was talking about. This, I’d never heard before. Was he saying that the security of our airlines had been sacrificed by political correctness? A few days after the klieg lights had faded, I had the chance to ask him.

“We had testimony a couple of months ago from the past president of United, and current president of American Airlines that kind of shocked us all,” Lehman told me. “They said under oath that indeed the Department of Transportation continued to fine any airline that was caught having more than two people of the same ethnic persuasion in a secondary line for line for questioning, including and especially, two Arabs.”

Wait a minute. So if airline security had three suspicious Arab guys they had had to let one go because they’d reached a quota?

That was it, Lehman said, “because of this political correctness that became so entrenched in the 1990s, and continues in current administration. No one approves of racial profiling, that is not the issue. The fact is that Norwegian women are not, and 85-year-old women with aluminum walkers are not, the source of the terrorist threat. The fact is that our enemy is the violent Islamic extremism and the overwhelming number of people that one need to worry about are young Arab males, and to ask them a couple of extra questions seems to me to be common sense, yet if an airline does that in numbers that are more than proportionate to their number in particular line, then they get fined and that is why you see so many blue haired old ladies and people that are clearly not of Middle Eastern extraction being hauled out in such numbers because otherwise they get fined.”

I pointed out in a recent post that the Department of Transportation had settled lawsuits with Continental, American, and United concerning alleged discrimination against Arabs. I pointed out that such lawsuits would clearly have a chilling effect on common-sense security enforcement.

Still, not knowing what the alleged discrimination really was, I was content to express my misgivings without coming down too hard on the Department of Transportation. After all, there could have been some real discrimination, I thought.

I should have guessed that “discrimination” could be established by something like questioning more than two Arabs on a single flight.

Do I really need to remind people that each of the Sept. 11 flights had more than two Arab terrorists?

Good Lord.


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Xrlq points out this lame editorial from that guy who does the cutesy editorials at the Los Angeles Dog Trainer.

Seeing as how he is jokingly advocating illegal acts, might I suggest this one: next time this guy is finishing up one of these turkeys, could someone take a sledgehammer to his computer? Please? And put us all out of our misery?

New York Times: Bringing You the Opinions Of the Terrorist on the Street

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Cori Dauber has a nice catch about a story in the New York Times which reported:

The top Shiite cleric in Lebanon, Grand Ayatollah Mohammed Hussein Fadlallah, once the Americans’ nemesis there, condemned the “horrible massacres” by the United States in Iraq, saying they proved that Washington is lying when it says its goal is bringing freedom. At the same time, he called for self-restraint by Iraqis.

One minor point: this “top Shiite cleric” is also the spiritual leader of Hezbollah.

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