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It’s OK to Be Racist If You’re a Leftist

Filed under: Race — Patterico @ 8:38 pm

After all the fun asking whether people would denounce Kos, my question is: will Kos denounce this?

Why should he denounce it? 1) It’s racist; and 2) it’s a post (not a comment) on his site.

(Hat tip: soundfury.)

More on Bush Requesting the PDB

Filed under: Politics — Patterico @ 7:22 pm

In a post below, I noted that, according to an unnamed Administration source who was quoted almost two years ago, the famous PDB was prepared in response to a request from Bush. According to the source, Bush had specifically requested an intelligence analysis of possible al Qaeda attacks within the United States. It seemed to me that this is something the public should know, if it’s true.

I notice that President Bush confirmed in his press conference that he indeed ordered this briefing. Why isn’t this being emphasized more? What am I missing?

The Los Angeles Times Has Not Set Things Right on the Scalia Tape Controversy

Filed under: Dog Trainer — Patterico @ 6:17 am

The Los Angeles Dog Trainer reports here that Justice Scalia has apologized to a representative of a reporter’s organization, for the actions of a deputy U.S. marshal in confiscating and erasing journalists’ tape recordings of a Scalia speech. (I told you about Justice Scalia’s apology yesterday, in an update to this post.) The publication of this story does not undo the Times‘s previous mishandling of the reporting of this incident.

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