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A Humble Suggestion

Filed under: Terrorism — Patterico @ 1:26 pm

Okay, here’s my suggestion.

Bush turns over all available current information on terrorism, including classified material, to the Ben-Venistes, the Roemers, and the Kerreys — the people who blame Bush for not preventing 9/11. Then we implement whatever strategy they choose to prevent the next attack. They are the experts at preventing terrorist attacks, after all.

But they have to agree to one thing. When the next attack comes — and it will — they have to slink off to a foreign country of their choosing, and shut their festering gobs. They must never, ever speak in public again.

If you can think of a more appropriate punishment, and it is printable, let me know in the comments.

Happy Easter

Filed under: Miscellaneous — Patterico @ 10:20 am

Happy Easter to you Christians out there.

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