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Subservient Chicken

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Dean is right.

This is just wrong.

You type in a command and watch the chicken carry it out.

Wrong. But funny.

Why Not the U.N.?

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Ronald Brownstein says that John Kerry does have a plan for Iraq: turning over control to the U.N.

My question to my conservative friends: given the obvious upside in terms of perception, what would the downside of this plan be?

UPDATE: I had a feeling I would get an earful on this one, and I was right.

The Famous Memo is Released

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So: does this memo not warn of a plan by Bin Laden — I’m sorry, “Bin Ladin” — to attack inside the U.S.? Is it just the title??

P.S. A correspondent whom I respect makes the point that the thing is just historical.

P.P.S. Upon closer review, I agree. [UPDATE: Well, maybe not the whole thing . . . but is this really some kind of a smoking gun?! Nope.]

UPDATE: Xrlq offers this fisking of the memo.

UPDATE x2: Kevin Paul at Wizbang says the memo proves that Bush is not psychic.

UPDATE x3: But the L.A. Times sure makes the memo sound devastating. Ron Brownstein even says that the memo raises “questions of credibility.” Can those calls for a perjury prosecution be far off?

Council Winners

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The Watcher’s Council is a group of blogs that holds a weekly contest for blog entry of the week. The winning posts are always worth checking out.

The winning entries for this week’s contest have been announced. Congratulations to Exultate Justi for the winning Council post, Iraq – A Matter of Perspective, and to Fried Man for the winning non-Council entry, Keeping Company With Pigs.

Dick Clarke: Movie Idol

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Via the Ranting Prof comes word that Dick Clarke has sold the movie rights to his book. The article announcing this has this wonderful quote:

“The book, written in a compelling, highly readable style, at times almost seems like a fiction thriller,” reviewer John Moe wrote.

Truer words were never spoken.

I echo the Ranting Prof’s suggestion that readers vote on who should play what role.

PressThink Added to Patterico Blogroll

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Every so often, I realize that my blogroll has inexcusably omitted a site that I have read and enjoyed for some time. And so it is with Jay Rosen’s PressThink, which I have just added to the blogroll today.

Jay is the chairman of the Journalism Department at NYU, and wrote this balanced account of the Patterico-Justice Ginsburg-L.A. Times saga. He is a critic of the liberal media thesis, which I wholeheartedly support. Still, his blog is always thoughtful and interesting. Check it out.


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In the post immediately below, I showed that our local Dog Trainer recklessly accused Justice Antonin Scalia of issuing illegal orders to a deputy U.S. Marshal to confiscate and destroy audiotapes of a Scalia speech. I noted the lack of evidence to support the Dog Trainer‘s assertion, and the fact that the U.S. Marshals Service has explicitly denied the accusation — something the Times hasn’t bothered to tell its readers.

I also told you that I notified the Reader’s Representative of these facts in an e-mail today.

I predict that in the coming days — likely as soon as tomorrow — the Dog Trainer will nevertheless print one or more letters to the editor mocking Scalia for supposedly having issued the orders to the deputy marshal. The editors will not be able to claim that they were not put on notice of the lack of evidence to support this accusation.

I’ve been burned before making cynical predictions about the Dog Trainer — but I’m still pretty confident about this one. (Jay Rosen, if you disagree with me, let me know now!)

I’ll let you know when (not if) it happens.

Los Angeles Times Makes More Reckless Accusations Against Justice Scalia

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The Los Angeles Times appears to be resuming its campaign of unfair coverage of Justice Antonin Scalia.

In a story published yesterday, the Times accused Justice Scalia of illegally ordering a deputy U.S. Marshal to seize and erase two reporters’ audiotaped recordings of a Scalia speech. While the deputy did indeed take this action, the U.S. Marshals Service has explicitly denied that Justice Scalia ordered the deputy to seize or erase the tapes. This denial was reported in the Washington Post yesterday, but is curiously absent from yesterday’s L.A. Times story — a story that repeatedly asserted that Scalia ordered the deputy’s action.

This is highly suspicious, especially in light of the fact that the Times has run several previous stories on Scalia that were chock-full of inaccuracies (for examples, see my posts here and here).

I can just imagine Justice Scalia picking up yesterday’s L.A. Times and reading this article. He must have thought to himself: will this paper ever stop telling lies about me?

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