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Commission of Hacks

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What a spectacle today: partisan hacks trying to place blame for 9/11 on President Bush by cross-examining Condoleezza Rice. Richard BenVeniste is worried about declassifying a document for no apparent legitimate reason other than that its title might embarrass Bush.

Meanwhile, as Cori Dauber notes, Bill Clinton testified in a private session — and the members of the commission will not discuss what he said because they agreed not to.

Does that tell you what you need to know?

P.S. The Prof has been doing a bang-up job lately on Iraq. Don’t stop at the post I linked. Just go to the main page and keep scrolling down.

Patterico: Defense Attorney??

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Apparently the Los Angeles Daily Journal thinks I am a defense attorney.

You’re Making Me Look Bad; Let’s Move On

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Let me say up front that I like Jeralyn Merritt’s Talk Left site. It is one of only three leftist sites that I link to on this blog. The site covers many diverse topics, and concentrates on criminal law, a subject which I find interesting.

However, Merritt recently made some comments about me on her site that I consider unfair. Since she abruptly shut down comments on that thread, before I had an opportunity to respond, I am responding here.


You’re a Jerk; Comments Now Closed

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Later today, when I have more time, I plan to say much more about Jeralyn Merritt’s attack on me in comments to this Talk Left thread.

My response will have to be posted here, since the comments to the Talk Left thread were shut down — with lightning speed! — before I had a chance to compose a response.

In the meantime, check out the thread and let me know what you think. If nothing else, it is interesting because it marks the second appearance of Mrs. Patterico as a blog commenter. (Bonus points to anyone who remembers the first one.)

P.S. Apparently Jeralyn was just saving her bandwidth for the important issues of the day, like the latest update in the Neil Bush paternity suit.

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