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Man Kicks Dog

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Via Say Uncle and Zombyboy comes this story about a guy who took a small dog and kicked it like a football, as he and his friends yukked it up:

”I didn’t believe that they actually kicked my dog,” [Jelani] Lewis, 29, said yesterday, standing in a parking lot at the Nashboro Village apartment complex, where dried blood puddles were still on the blacktop. ”When I saw him kick it, I was thinking, maybe for a second, ‘No, that really isn’t Gizmo he’s kicking.’ ”

One of the men ”with tattoos on both arms was holding the dog like a football,” Lewis said. ”The other one backed up and kicked him … like a place kicker.”

Gizmo went flying into the air in a high arc. The man and two friends with him laughed, and then ran away, Lewis said. For a moment, Lewis stood still, his eyes following Gizmo’s body until it smacked onto the pavement and then rolled a couple of feet beneath a parked car.

By the way, this would not be considered a “strike” under California law.

Andrew Sullivan Finally Has a Working RSS Feed — But Do We Care?

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Via Wizbang comes news that RSS holdout Andrew Sullivan finally has an RSS feed.

I hardly ever read anything any more that doesn’t have an RSS feed, so I haven’t read Sully in ages. I’m not sure whether I care to any longer, but I’ll give his site a whirl for a few days.

Dog Trainer Pulitzer Revoked

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I am sad to announce that the Pulitzer won by the Los Angeles Dog Trainer for editorial writing has been revoked, due to today’s cutesy editorial on the death of the guy who invented the laugh track. “Oh my God, did you read that piece of crap?!” explained the president of the Pulitzer committee.

Upcoming Nonsense from the Left

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Should Condi Rice be prosecuted for her perjury before the 9/11 Commission?

Patterico: previewing tomorrow’s talking points for the left — today.

P.S. How do I know this, when we haven’t even heard her testify yet?

Just watch.

Dog Trainer Pulitzers

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I’ve got people bugging me to say what I think about the fact that the Los Angeles Dog Trainer (aka Los Angeles Times) was awarded 5 Pulitzers — more than any other newspaper.

My first reaction was that awards and prizes are funny things.

Take Stanley Kubrick and Alfred Hitchcock — in my view the two greatest movie directors of all time. Neither one ever received an Academy Award for Best Director. But James Cameron got one for “Titanic.” Go figure.

And someone once told me that Yasser Arafat got a Nobel Peace Prize. I’m sure they were kidding about that one.

So yeah, prizes are strange things.

But I took a look at the list of what the Times got the Pulitzers for — things like automobile columns, and breaking coverage of the wildfires — and I realized that I have no particular criticisms of the Times in any of those areas. Maybe they deserved these particular Pulitzers.

If they’d gotten a prize for, say, balanced coverage, or accuracy, or rational editorials, then I might question the sanity of the awards committee.

But under the circumstances, I think I should repress the reflexive urge to be sarcastic. I am happy to say: Congratulations, L.A. Times! Now let’s see if you can reach the same high standards in other areas.

UPDATE: Looking at the list again, I see someone did get a prize for editorials about state government. Tough to say whether that’s justified, since they don’t sign them . . .

UPDATE x2: PrestoPundit says in the comments that the editorials may have been signed, and in any event are identified on the Times web site. I’m okay with it — as long as it’s not the guy who does their cutesy editorials, or the guy who told all the fibs about Scalia, or the guy who . . .

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