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Three Strikes Initiative Has the Signatures

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This post is for those who are skeptical whether the Three Strikes initiative I have been discussing will actually be on the ballot. I was at the local Starbucks today, and encountered our friendly local petition-pusher. He had 3-4 petitions with him. I asked if any of them were the Three Strikes initiative — since I was interested to see how the petition read. He said: “Oh, that one is done. They already have all the signatures they need.”

Get ready. It’s coming.

Moron More on Kos

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Those still interested in following the Kos brouhaha should check out this debate at the fine SoCalLawBlog, and Eugene Volokh’s typically wise comments.

UPDATE: There’s a little fencing match going on at Xrlq’s site as well. Yours truly just might be involved.

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