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Pickering Interview

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Did anyone see the Pickering interview on 60 Minutes? I didn’t. If you did, what did you think?

5 Responses to “Pickering Interview”

  1. If you haven’t seen it, there’s a transcript here. I only listened with one ear for most of the interview, but I was impressed with the interview.

    The interview was very favorable to Pickering: I don’t see how it got past the editors at 60 Minutes. Mike Wallace seemed to be doing his best impression of John Stossel.

    Pickering was given plenty of time to make his case, and he did just that. He was forceful and credible. At times, he came across a bit too much like the guy from here, but that’s hard to avoid.

    Schumer looked like a boring and angry man, so I went back to coding after a sentence or two.

    However, a separate interview in which a black supporter of Pickering took apart an NAACP rep was far more interesting. Pickering’s supporter fired off questions while the NAACP rep fumbled about for words. The NAACP rep squirmed more than Candidate Bush during the infamous “Name these foreign leaders” interview. He was truly uncomfortable, and ultimately looked like his opinion was formed in complete absence of information.

    If enough people saw it, the interview might just change some minds.

    bob (63bac3)

  2. Good piece, definitely sympathetic to the guy and made the Democrats and NAACP look like real creeps for suggesting that he’s insensitive to racial issues. The black citizens that he works with really handed the NAACP drone’s ass to him.

    But what gets me about CBS is that there was pretty much no advance press for this piece. I didn’t know he was going to be on it until right before the show, and I wouldn’t have known that Condi Rice was going to be on if not for other political shows mentioning it.

    It seems that when CBS owns early Sunday evening with the NFL playoffs or the NCAA tournament, and they have a 60 Minutes piece which will be trashing the Bush administration, like Paul O’Neill or Clarke, they hype it about every 20 minutes. When the administration puts Condi Rice on to directly refute the previous week’s story, the only 60 Minutes story that gets hyped during their sports broadcasts is about freakin’ Freddy Adu.

    Just seems awfully transparent to me.

    Stu (e45486)

  3. I happened, quite inadvertently, to watch most of it. The lack of advanced notice is not very surprising, but why not use this post and the blogsphere to get the balanced view out? Judge Pickering has great credentials, and hopefully the opportunity to serve will make that clear to the NAACP and maybe even a few senators.

    Richard Meixner (4aa46c)

  4. In the words of Crusty the Clown from the Simpsons,
    “They’ll never let us show that again”

    J_Crater (f1f21a)

  5. 60 Minutes Case Study
    So last Sunday 60 Minutes had a piece on Charles Pickering that is being discussed here. Check out the comments, check out the transcript. Credit where credit is due, of course. What does this do to theories such as mine (1c3d92)

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