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The Clintonesque Clarke

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Power Line has the goods. Here’s a line from Clarke’s testimony:

Let me talk about partisanship here, since you raise it. . . . Last time I had to declare my party loyalty, it was to vote in the Virginia primary for president of the United States in the year 2000. And I asked for a Republican ballot.

Yup. There was no Democratic primary in Virginia, so he voted for McCain in the Republican primary. Then, as he admitted this morning on Meet the Press, he voted for Al Gore in the general election.

That’s not quite the impression he meant to create with his testimony, is it?

As an e-mailer to Power Line put it: “Clinton could not have done it better.”

2 Responses to “The Clintonesque Clarke”

  1. Obviously, Clarke’s trying to stave off criticism that he’s got a profit-motivated grudge against Bush. I expect that.

    But am I the only one worried that Clarke can’t even tell a decent lie? Better he not lie at all, but if he’s going to, it should at least stand up to scrutiny.

    Instead, his claim was transparent, easy to research, and ended up suggesting the exact opposite of what he intended.

    Your average six-year old lies better than that, and he had Clinton as a mentor.

    Maybe the reason we failed to anticipate the attack was that this bonehead was in the mix.

    bob (63bac3)

  2. I thought it was well put in (via Instapundit).

    It was nice to see that someone else can actually remember what was going on all those years ago in pre-9/11 2001…

    cthulhu (c3a5a0)

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