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Show Me The Money People

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Well, this is fun. You can look up who among your neighbors has given money to politicians.

If nothing else, I found it interesting to learn who my rich neighbors are. Turns out I live around the corner from Roy Romer and Jane Harman.

And what are Ben Affleck and Paul Newman doing living two blocks from the beach? They can’t afford beachfront property? After all, Romer and Harman can!

P.S. Here is a guy who has his bases covered!

2 Responses to “Show Me The Money People”

  1. Every accountant I’ve been able to find in the list donated to Bush. Most professors and at least one “postdoctoral scholar” donated to Dean.

    I can’t identify it, but there’s a “postdoctoral scholar” joke in there somewhere. And I’ll bet it’s got something to do with marijuana and art history.

    bob (63bac3)

  2. Money Map: Red State – Blue State Divide.
    Fundrace 2004 Red State Blue State national county-by-county map. And don’t miss the national city maps. Patterico investigates his…

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