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Prediction for Tomorrow’s Argument in the Pledge Case

Filed under: Court Decisions — Patterico @ 6:36 pm

I haven’t followed the Pledge of Allegiance case closely at all. But I do have an educated guess as to how the oral argument will go tomorrow in the Supreme Court. My guess is based on the fact (reported here) that the daughter of plaintiff Michael Newdow has been removed as a plaintiff (a clearly correct decision, as she was obviously a pawn from the get-go). Accordingly, “Newdow must convince the high court that he personally has a stake in the case’s outcome.”

Although this fact is buried deep in the story linked to above, I think it will be the most critical issue on the Justices’ minds tomorrow. Look for a substantial portion of the argument to address the question of whether Mr. Newdow lacks standing to sue. I predict that lack of standing will be the reason that Newdow ultimately loses.

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