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Washington Post RSS Feeds

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You can now read the Washington Post using RSS feeds straight from the paper. There were artificial feeds available before, but they were unreliable. These feeds work great. Use them on your Bloglines Aggregator.

The Ethics of Printing a Letter to the Editor Containing a Clearly False Assertion

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A letter in this morning’s Los Angeles Dog Trainer raises an issue I have discussed before: what are the ethics of a newspaper’s decision to print a letter to the editor, which makes a factual assertion that the editors know (or should know) is not true?

In my opinion: the ethical principle is clear: don’t print false assertions of fact, period — even if they are contained in the opinion section of the paper. The Dog Trainer violated this principle this morning, printing a letter to the editor with a provably false factual assertion.

Smash Goes to an Anti-War Protest

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You don’t want to miss Smash’s description of an anti-war protest he visited. You really don’t want to miss the remarks (recorded by Smash and reproduced verbatim) of a speaker at the rally who advocated supporting the “Iraqi resistance” — you know, the people killing our soldiers. And you really don’t want to miss Smash’s tape-recorded interview of that woman.

At what point does protest become treason?


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Just felt a pretty good, quick jolt around 5:51 or 5:52 p.m. in Marina del Rey.

UPDATE: It was pretty small, but very close:

Magnitude 2.9 – local magnitude (Ml)
Time Monday, March 22, 2004 at 05:51:29 PM (PST)
Distance from Marina del Rey, CA – 2 km (1 miles) SE

The week before Northridge, there were about 3 small earthquakes like this one right out in the bay. Part of what made Northridge so terrifying was the certainty that those earthquakes had been predecessors, and that we were close to the epicenter.

The “Moral Authority” of Hamas Founder

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The sub-head of this L.A. Times news analysis on the death of Hamas founder Sheik Ahmed Yassin reads:

The Hamas cleric had a moral authority that motivated many to give their lives to kill others.

Just read that to yourself out loud a few times.

What is going on in the brain of a headline writer who praises the “moral authority” of the head of an organization which boasts about its acts of mass murder?


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I know I am asking for people to mock my spelling or grammar when I point out grammatical or spelling errors in the Los Angeles Dog Trainer. Still, don’t they have a spell-checking program? Their story about Richard Clarke today ends with this passage:

Describing the meeting with Bush, Clarke said he told the president that “there’s no connection” between Iraq and Al Qaeda. Clarke said his team produced two reports that concluded there were no ties, but said he didin’t believe they were delivered to Bush because “he wouldn’t like the answer.”

The best thing I can say about this typo is that it “didin’t” appear on the front page, like this one and this one.

P.S. It’s not like I scan the paper looking for mistakes like this. They just jump out at me.

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