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NYT and WaPo Stories on Scalia Beat LAT Story Hands-Down

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I am a lot more impressed with the stories that will appear tomorrow in the New York Times and Washington Post regarding Justice Scalia’s recusal memorandum, than I am with the story that will appear in the Los Angeles Times. The stories in the NYT and WaPo are simply more detailed and balanced. For example, they explain Scalia’s “official capacity” rationale — central to his explanation — and mention the fact that he paid for his flight to Louisiana. Neither of these critical facts is mentioned in the L.A. Times story.

I am more critical of the Times editors than the reporter, who doesn’t appear to have been given sufficient space to address this issue. Given that the L.A. Times has devoted so much space to the accusations against Scalia — in three front-page articles — why are its editors letting the other national papers do a better job of covering Scalia’s defense?

(Links to Post and NYT articles via How Appealing.)

UPDATE: Never mind. I was looking at an early version. Here is what they will actually print tomorrow, and it’s better than the original story, which was apparently covering it as breaking news.

More Recusal News, in a Lighter Vein

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Scrappleface has an article titled Scalia Questions Ginsburg’s Absence from Cheney Duck Hunt:

(2004-03-18) — Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia today claimed that his colleague, Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, should recuse herself from a case involving Vice President Dick Cheney because she refused to hunt ducks with Mr. Cheney in January.

More duck-related humor as it becomes available.

(Via How Appealing.)

Media Watchdog with a Robe

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To the ever-growing list of media critics in our country, add one more name: United States Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia.

Justice Scalia issued a memorandum today, refusing to recuse himself from a case regarding the confidentiality of the identities of advisors to Vice President Cheney’s energy policy task force. In that memorandum, Justice Scalia has some harsh criticism for numerous false assertions made by newspapers across the country — including the L.A. Times, which filed a “false report” about his speech to an advocacy group, and misrepresented several crucial details of his hunting trip with Cheney.

I doubt that this portion of Scalia’s defense is going to get much press. The L.A. Times‘s snarky coverage of Scalia’s memorandum tonight certainly doesn’t acknowledge the numerous mistakes made by the Times. I’ll leave it to others to debate the merits of Scalia’s position on the recusal issue. I am more interested in Scalia’s detailed accusations of inaccuracy by the media. Because, without accurate facts, how can we have a useful debate on the underlying merits?

Feedback, We Get Feedback

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In a post about the Ginsburg controversy, Kevin Roderick says:

I tend to find Patterico’s rants too politically motivated to get anything from them, but maybe I should check him out more often.

Hmmm. Well, I hope he does. Meanwhile, reader John C. writes me:

I really enjoy your blog. I heard about it when John Carroll’s memo to staff, encouraging more fairness and objectivity, was bouncing around the internet. Anyway, I do like the way you speak truth to power. You are also funny, and appear to be enjoying yourself. That makes it much easier to read, than the typical angry blog.

Thanks so much for those kind words. Yes, I am enjoying myself, immensely. I’m glad it shows, and I’m glad you’re enjoying it too.

Jarvis on the Breaking of the Ginsburg Story

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Jeff Jarvis has more on the Patterico/Ginsburg saga.

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