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Jay Rosen on the Breaking of the Ginsburg Story

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Jay Rosen, an NYU journalism professor, tells the story of Patterico, the Los Angeles Times, and Justice Ginsburg. He also says a few words about Oh, That Liberal Media.

Prof. Rosen says that I make a daily case for the thesis “that the biases of the editors — left liberal, mostly — [are] not only a factor in what the Times prints, but a pervasive influence over news coverage and priorities.” That is indeed a good summary of what I believe. Unfortunately, if you read Prof. Rosen’s post, it’s clear that he disagrees.

Still, Prof. Rosen is polite in his disagreement, and I enjoyed reading an outsider’s perspective of the Ginsburg episode. Although Prof. Rosen and I don’t see eye to eye on the issue of liberal bias in the media, I will continue to read his interesting blog, and I hope he continues to read this one. Maybe someday he’ll be a convert. . .

The “Power of the Jump” Helps The Dog Trainer Portray Rabidly Anti-Bush Zapatero as a Heckuva Swell Guy

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(Note: “The Power of the Jump” is a semi-regular feature of this site, documenting examples of the Los Angeles Dog Trainer’s use of its back pages to hide information that its editors don’t want you to see.)

Our local Dog Trainer today publishes, on the front page, a puff piece about the new Socialist prime minister of Spain, Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero. The piece compares Zapatero favorably with the outgoing conservative prime minister Jose Maria Aznar.

You doubt my characterization of the article as a “puff piece”? Read on.

Happy Birthday to my Dad

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Happy Birthday to my dad.

And Happy St. Patrick’s Day to him and to everyone else, too.

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