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Influential Bear Flaggers

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There is a list of the 200 “most influential reporters and bloggers on the web,” here. (Via Tyler Cowen at Volokh.) I’m not sure I understand exactly what sort of sites the list comprises, but I did notice that 4 of the top 200 are Bear Flaggers: Smash (#16), Baldilocks (#130), Xrlq (#191), and McGehee (#199).

Wilmington Star-News is Clueless

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Via How Appealing comes a link to an editorial in the Wilmington Star-News criticizing Justice Ginsburg’s association with NOW. The editorial, which was published yesterday (March 15) says:

At last report, Justice Ginsburg had offered no comment on the brickbats now being thrown her way.That’s regrettable.

Jeez, guys. I reported here on March 12 that she had responded to the controversy.

(Newspaper types: you gotta check these things out before you make these sweeping assertions. Don’t you remember when the L.A. Times said, in an article about Justice Scalia,

Supreme Court justices often speak to legal groups, such as bar associations and law school audiences. Some also have spoken in recent years to legal groups with an ideological bent, such as the conservative Federalist Society or the liberal American Constitution Society. . . . But generally, they avoid any connection with or appearances before partisan or activist groups that fight for those issues in court.

They ate their words on that one. Weren’t you guys in Wilmington paying attention?)

I know what you’re thinking: it’s only the Wilmington Star-News. But they claim to be the voice of all of Southeastern North Carolina!

John Kerry is Stupid

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Someone reached this page through a Google search for “John Kerry is stupid” — turns out I’m the second entry!

Welcome to this perceptive reader.

UPDATE: Zombyboy reports that he is number one in the search for “John Kerry is a bastard” — welcome to the Kerry-bashing club, Zombyboy!

UPDATE x2: Due to the large number of offensive comments to this post, most of which have been deleted, comments are closed.


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Smack dab in the middle of the lead story on Page One of our local Dog Trainer this morning is a blatant typo:

The blow to Aznar, the second-most important U.S. ally on Iraq after British Prime Minister Tony Blair, threatens to undermine other world leaders who cooperate with the United States over the objections of their public, the said.

The huh said what now?

As I write this, the mistake remains uncorrected on the internet version of the story.

This follows on the heels of a story on the front page of the paper one week ago today (reported by Patterico here), quoting a law professor as saying:

The principal of democracy is every vote should count.

The Dog Trainer has an entire editorial strategy (the “Power of the Jump“) based on the assumption that many people read only the front page of the paper. If this assumption is correct, maybe the paper should consider getting another pair of eyes to look over that front page — just the front page — to make sure it is 100% typo-free.

I understand people make mistakes. But it’s the front page, guys. If you aspire to publish a respected newspaper, you can’t have two typos on the front page within one week of each other.

Carnival of the Vanities #78

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Patterico’s Pontifications is proud to host the 78th edition of the “Carnival of the Vanities,” a weekly roundup of submissions from across the blogosphere.

Please allow me to introduce myself. I am your host, Patterico. I am a frequent critic of the Los Angeles Dog Trainer (aka Los Angeles Times). I contribute to an exciting new group blog highlighting leftist bias in the print media: Oh, That Liberal Media. I am also an occasional contributor to California Republic, and a member of California’s confederation of conservative bloggers, the Bear Flag League. I hope you bookmark the site and visit often.

Without further ado, on to the Carnival:

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