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Blogger Killed in Iraq

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A blogger has been killed in Iraq. Here is his last post, with pictures and many profound thoughts, like this one:

[T]his is a society that is in desperate need of everything. It is like pouring a cup of water out in a dry desert. The water disappears and you are left with the feeling of “did it do any good?” Sometimes the answer is “yes.” Sometimes the answer is “no.” Sometimes you wait for the flower to grow. I don’t mean to sound depressed because I am not. I am enjoying this work immensely. It is very gratifying…as long as the flowers grow eventually. I have hope that they will.

Thanks to Smash for pointing it out.

Praise the New York Times for Dumping Ted Rall

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Inspired by Ted Rall, this “generic warblogger” is suggesting that you write the folks at the New York Times and praise them for dumping his useless waste of space he calls a cartoon.

You can reach the movers and shakers at the Times by writing them at these links:

Martin Nisenholtz, CEO of New York Times Digital

New York Times Letters to the Editor

Ombudsman Daniel Okrent

Do it. I did. It’s liberating.


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If you know me, you know I am a big fan of low voter turnout. High voter turnout means people are voting who really have no business doing so. When voter turnout is low, the people who do vote tend to be better educated and informed.

Case in point: the Spanish elections. Yes, the big picture is that the terrorists may well have tipped the balance in favor of the Socialists. But an article in today’s Los Angeles Dog Trainer suggests that this happened, not because minds were changed, but because the poorly informed masses were motivated to get to the polls:

Of the dozens of people interviewed by The Times, no one said the bombings made them change the way they voted. Instead, the decisive factor seems to have been turnout. People voted who might not have gone to the polls otherwise, benefiting the left.

I rest my case.

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