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Volokh Praises Rivenburg Article

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I agree with Eugene Volokh that today’s L.A. Times article on opponents of gay marriage is thoughtful and balanced.

But look at who wrote it: Roy Rivenburg — one of the few people at the paper who has had the courage to criticize some of the paper’s liberal excesses. Little surprise that a sensible and non-biased article turns out to have been penned by Rivenburg.

Justice Ginsburg Addresses Recusal Issue

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Justice Ginsburg has publicly addressed her decision not to recuse herself on a case involving the NOW Legal Defense Fund:

U.S. Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg said Friday that despite questions about her involvement in an event sponsored by a women’s advocacy group, she and other justices do not easily recuse themselves from court cases.

Ginsburg’s role in a NOW Legal Defense and Education Fund lecture series in January was questioned by several lawyers, the Los Angeles Times reported Thursday.

Ginsburg, who lent her name and presence to the series that was co-sponsored by the group, had voted two weeks earlier in a medical screening case and took the side backed by the defense fund in a friend-of-the-court brief, the newspaper reported.

Ginsburg, responding to a question from an audience at the University of Connecticut School of Law in Hartford, explained why she did not recuse herself.

“On the Supreme Court, there are only nine of us,” she said. “Some believe that a recuse is the equivalent to a vote against the petitioner. We will not lightly recuse ourselves.”

Perhaps that sheds some light on Justice Scalia’s recusal decisions.

Carnival of the Vanities Guidelines

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Next week, Patterico’s Pontifications will be hosting the Carnival of the Vanities. The deadline for submissions will be 11:59 p.m. Pacific time, Monday, March 15. The Carnival will appear on March 16 or 17. Please put the words “Carnival entry” in the subject line, and include:

  • The name of your blog
  • The URL of your blog
  • The title of your post
  • The URL of your post
  • A brief description of the post, which I may either use, alter, or ignore entirely.

    Early submissions are welcome and may well be given prominence. I’m looking forward to reading all the entries!

    P.S. Send all entries directly to me. The e-mail address is in the left margin.


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    Randy Barnett says that the charges of impropriety in the L.A. Times story about Justice Ginsburg are “preposterous”:

    Supreme Court justices are not like the Oracles in Minority Report who must be segregated from the population in general, or from people with opinions in particular, and guarded by eunuchs. They get invited to speak by groups for a variety of motives. Sometimes the groups want to hear from justices who they admire and with whom they agree. Other groups who want to hear from a justice who challenges their views. Still others just want to hear a Supreme Court justice, though in my experience they tend to be rather boring. By the same token justices get invited to dinner parties. Justices play poker or golf with their friends. Justices go to the movies. They read the paper or magazines. Justice[s] are people.

    Although I wouldn’t use the word “preposterous,” I tend to agree with Barnett. Justices shouldn’t have to lead cloistered lives, as I have stated in virtually every post I have written on the issue. I have seen Justice Scalia (and other judges) speak, and have benefitted from the experience.

    My point has been simply that a newspaper shouldn’t pick on only the most conservative Justice, while giving a pass to the liberal ones.

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