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Congratulations to Captain Ed and the other Northern Alliance folks on the launch of their radio show. Sounds like it was a big success.

When will the Bear Flaggers get our radio show??


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Courtesy of the Shark comes this summary of today’s offerings at Oh, That Liberal Media:

Anti-Bush bias on the economy from the San Francisco Chronicle

Anti-Bush bias on immigration from the Seattle Times

Anti-Bush bias on the 2000 election from the L.A. Times


Pro-Bus bias on buses from the Minneapolis Star-Tribune


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The Watcher’s Council is a group of blogs that holds a weekly contest for blog entry of the week. Each week, members nominate one of their own posts, and a post of a non-Council member. Members then vote, and select a “post of the week” from among the Council members, and from among the nominated posts from non-Council members.

When the winners are announced, members will link to the results and the winning entries on their respective blogs. If you read the two winning posts each week, it will be time well spent. It’s a great way to branch out and discover some great new posts from blogs you may not have read before.

This week’s winners have been announced. Congratulations to Spiced Sass for the winning Council entry, A Visit by the FBI, and to Kim du Toit for the winning non-Council entry, Never Again.

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