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Courtesy of Slings and Arrows comes this link to live election results in California.


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PrestoPundit is right about the results tonight:

This may be good politics for Schwarzenegger, but there is no way to pretend that this is good money management for future generations of Californians.

The only good news: 56 won’t pass. Weintraub sums up the good news:

The defeat could backfire on Democrats since in a way the debate was a referendum on the tax issue. And it’s hard to argue that voters are saying anything but a very loud “no.”

We’ll see whether the legislators hear the message. My guess: a very loud “no.”


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I saw a friend today whom I had not seen in a while. She says she still reads my blog, but has been a little bored with some of the posts that seem to be “inside baseball” — like the posts about things like Blogopoly pieces, Council Winners, and pseudonymous blogging.

My friend may have a point. I generally have a mental image of my target audience in mind when I blog, and that target audience is often bloggers. But I don’t want to turn this blog into some kind of club, where only a few people understand the secret handshake. Anyone should be able to visit and enjoy virtually any post.

While I will continue to (for example) post the winners of the Watcher’s Council (it’s a requirement, after all!), I will try to do better at explaining such matters to those who don’t know what they are all about.


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Republicans can breathe a sigh of relief. John Edwards, the only guy who had a prayer of beating Bush, is dropping out.

On the way home, I listened on the radio to a clip from a Kerry speech. As his patriarchal monotone filled the airwaves, I thought to myself: “This guy will never win.” He’s just too uninspiring. He’s out for power, and clearly cares about nothing else. I think people will figure that out come Election Day.


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Another IP address to ban:

These folks are getting referred to the authorities.


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I just found this amusing parody of the last Democratic debate, courtesy of Oxblog.


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I have so far refused to comment on the Janet Jackson nipplegate incident. Evidently this has cost me a lot of meaningless internet traffic.

Apparently the use of words like nipple, gate, or nipplegate gets you even more traffic than being the king of dog pornography.

But I refuse to utter such words just to boost my Google stats. Even if they might get me thousands of visits.

I am not a whore.

(Okay, so that’s patently not true. Stop laughing!)

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