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Here is today’s story from the Dog Trainer on the funeral for murdered LAPD Officer Ricardo Lizarraga. I attended the funeral yesterday, and posted about it in the post just below this one.

The Dog Trainer mentioned Cardinal Mahony’s forceful statements about providing funding for law enforcement:

But it was Cardinal Roger M. Mahony who spoke most forcefully, taking up a cause the mayor and the police chief have clearly sought to keep in public view.

“There is no question we need more police on the streets,” Mahony said. “We can count more murders here than soldiers who have died in an active war in Iraq. Something is terribly wrong.”

Then Mahony homed in on the city’s spending priorities as several members of the City Council listened. “Public safety should be carved out and given special priority” in budget negotiations, Mahony said.

Interestingly, the paper doesn’t quote Mahony’s hypocritical statements (discussed here yesterday) about citizens’ duty to come forward with evidence of crimes.

But this oversight does not appear to be attributable to any desire on the part of the Dog Trainer editors to protect Mahony. After all, the paper published a story today which reports:

A national independent panel investigating sexual abuse by priests in the Roman Catholic Church criticized Los Angeles’ Cardinal Roger M. Mahony on Friday for refusing to turn over documents to a grand jury probe.

I can only conclude that the irony of Mahony’s comment was lost on Jill Leovy, the reporter who wrote the story about the LAPD officer’s funeral.

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