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I attended the funeral of murdered LAPD Officer Ricardo Lizarraga today. It was very moving, and difficult to sit through. I felt I owed it to the men and women on the Los Angeles Police Department to show my respect.

I was a little amazed, however, to hear Cardinal Roger Mahony pontificating about how we need to work to fight crime in the city. He’s right, of course, but I couldn’t help but notice a large flashing sign over his head that said “HYPOCRITE!” when he urged citizens to help the police fight crime, by coming forward as witnesses — and by providing all relevant information that might help court cases against criminals.

Hey, Roger! Wouldn’t such information include the church records on pedophile priests? You know — the records that the District Attorney’s Office has subpoenaed from you, but which you have resisted turning over?

Yeah, that’s what I thought.

3 Responses to “PHONY MAHONY”

  1. Another relevant item: immigration status.

    Dennis (5d48e8)

  2. Police are not allowed to use immigration status or inquire about it, while at the same time the streets are filled with illegal alien criminals.

    Dennis (6bc431)

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