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What lesson does the Los Angeles Dog Trainer draw from the recent murder of LAPD Officer Ricardo Lizarraga? You can find out in an editorial titled Echo of Domestic Violence, which says:

Police describe suspect Kenrick Johnson, 32 — arrested within hours after a massive manhunt — as an active gang member on parole after a robbery conviction. Lizarraga’s slaying puts a spotlight on the horrifying availability of guns on the street, the shortage of supervision of parolees and the unacceptable restrictions all of this places on everyday life in South L.A. It also highlights a link between domestic and other acts of violence.

What about the need to sentence violent repeat offenders to lengthy prison sentences, so they won’t prey on innocent people? Doesn’t that seem like an obvious lesson — especially in light of the likelihood (discussed here the other day) that the suspected killer received relatively light prison sentences on more than one third-strike case in the past?

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