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Interesting. Two judges now have refused to halt marriages of gays. Their reasoning? (Put to one side, for the moment, the all-important semicolon issues.) Apparently, the reasoning is not that the laws preventing such marriages violate the state Constitution (the legal fig leaf that S.F. mayor Gavin Newsom is using to justify the marriages). Instead, the reasoning is: even if state law is being violated, who is really hurt by that?

Interesting viewpoint. We can all violate state laws to our heart’s content, and no judge can stop us, as long as he/she feels that our violation of law is not causing anyone harm.

It seems to me that the same logic would justify ignoring state law requirements that law-abiding citizens obtain permits to carry concealed weapons. Such requirements arguably violate the Second Amendment. Sure, abolishing such requirements would clearly violate state law. But who would be harmed? Actually, research indicates that bearers of concealed weapons would actually be better off.

Hmmm. Maybe I’ll trash my federal judicial application form and run for mayor of Los Angeles. May I count on your vote?


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Beldar writes the post I wish I had written about the Pryor recess appointment, here.

As Beldar points out, the question “What Liberal Media?” can be answered in part by monitoring the reaction of the New York Times to Pryor’s appointment.

As much as I dislike Bush on many issues, I have to tip my hat to him for this and for Pickering’s recess appointment.


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Just another reminder that police officers risk their lives daily trying to protect the public.

The arrested suspect “has a lengthy criminal record dating back 16 years.” It will be interesting to see the details of his criminal record, and whether there was any way to keep this (alleged) cop-killer off the streets.

UPDATE: The officer has been identified as Newton Division officer Ricardo Lizarraga. Condolences go out to his family.


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I don’t know. I can tell you what good planning is not: planning your daughter’s fourth birthday, to be held outside, when the chance of rain is 70%.


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The weekly winners have been announced. Xrlq won the vote for best Council post, with Jihad on Frisco. Inn of the Last Home won the non-Council prize, with a post titled What to Write, What to Write… . Congratulations to both.

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