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Hoo-ee. Spent the day taking guff from a judge. Then I went to Disney Hall to see a violin recital I didn’t really have time to see. Nice, but a bit over-long.

Expecting another day of guff tomorrow. And the upcoming weekend will be entirely post-free. If you’re looking for active commentary over the next few days, this isn’t the place to be.

P.S. Yesterday was very similar. It was so hectic I even forgot to call my brother to wish him a Happy Birthday. What a heel I am! (Luckily I had just talked to him the day before — when he called to wish my daughter a Happy Birthday — so he didn’t get too resentful. Hope it was a good one, my big brother!)


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I don’t know the details of why Kevin Cooper obtained a stay. But he sure sounds guilty to me. Here are a couple of reasons why his current claim sounds meritless, courtesy of Justin Levine guestblogging at Calblog.

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