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Professor Bainbridge rightly rips the Dog Trainer a new one for its inexcusable nonsense on Bush’s intelligence commission. The article states:

Some questioned why the administration picked so many members with seemingly limited experience in intelligence matters or background working in high-level national security positions.

Professor Bainbridge then proceeds to enumerate the bona fides of everyone on the commission. The further you read, the louder your chuckling will get.

Read the whole post and try not to laugh out loud at the Dog Trainer‘s outrageous inaccuracy and bias.


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I am simply appalled by this Dean’s World post and the comments to it. It’s little more than a celebration of rape. Camille Paglia is quoted favorably expressing the following sentiments:

I see the sexual impulse as egotistical and dominating, and therefore I have no problem understanding rape.

. . . .

My Sixties attitude is, yes, go for it, take the risk, take the challenge — if you get raped, if you get beat up in a dark alley in a street, it’s okay. That was part of the risk of freedom, that’s part of what we’ve demanded as women. Go with it. Pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and go on. We cannot regulate male sexuality. The uncontrollable aspect of male sexuality is part of what makes sex interesting. And yes, it can lead to rape in some situations.

Paglia continues:

[E]veryone knows throughout the world that many of these working-class relationships where women get beat up have hot sex. They ask why she won’t leave him? Maybe she won’t leave him because the sex is very hot.

Yeah, and maybe she’s financially dependent on the guy.

I cannot find words to express my contempt for these sentiments. And I am completely appalled by the support for Paglia’s incredible statements in the comments to the post.


UPDATE: I may have come a little unglued in calling the post “little more than a celebration” of rape. It would be more accurate to describe Paglia’s comments as inordinately defensive of rape.

UPDATE x2: Hmmmm. Now that I have more time to re-read the Paglia comments, perhaps my “celebration” characterization was accurate after all. I had forgotten about her rhapsodizing over the “fun element in rape, especially the wild, infectious delirium of gang rape.” That sounds like a celebration of rape to me. After all, a “gang rape” is not the same thing as a “gang-bang.” Rape is defined by the lack of consent, and not every “gang-bang” is a gang-rape — so if Paglia wanted to talk about how much “fun” a gang-bang is, she should have damned well said so. She didn’t.

Reading her comments again, they sure sound like a celebration of rape — with the mandatory lip service to the contrary. I find myself disgusted by this whole conversation, and without the time necessary to express myself properly. I remain shocked and dismayed that anyone could find acceptable the sorts of sentiments expressed by Paglia.


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I have watched the first 20 minutes or so of Bush’s “Meet the Press” interview on the computer. Bush appeared completely rattled by — and unprepared for — the very first question.

The Captain was similarly unimpressed. He says it gets better in the second half hour. One can only hope.

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