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I normally agree with Captain Ed, but how can he say that Chris Dodd “seems pretty likable”?? Like the words “President” and “Kerry,” the words “Dodd” and “likable” don’t belong in the same sentence.

Otherwise, I agreed with his post on Lieberman’s withdrawal.


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I think I may have finally won over Xrlq on this issue of what to call the Los Angeles Dog Trainer.


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All along, I have viewed the Democratic primaries as a battle for the privilege of losing to George Bush. At Power Line, Hindrocket disagrees. He utters two words that I never would have put together in the same sentence: “President Kerry.”

The Big Trunk disagrees with Hindrocket. (Now there’s a sentence I never expected to write.) However, he rests part of his argument on a proposition that is, um, subject to debate: “The American people are not stupid.”

It seems to be incontrovertible that some of them are. At any given time, the question is: what percentage will that be — and will they vote?


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This past weekend, as I was reading the Los Angeles Dog Trainer, I was pleased when I saw an op-ed titled Case of the Missing Evidence. I was even more pleased to read the subtitle: “Facts are often withheld from juries, which can lead to ill-informed verdicts.”

“Damn straight!” I thought. In criminal cases in particular, there are many occasions when jurors are forbidden to hear some of the most damning evidence against a criminal defendant. If jurors heard all the facts, they would convict much more often. Slightly surprised that such a piece was being run in the Times, I looked forward to reading a good op-ed about this topic.

Then I read the name of the op-ed’s author: liberal extraordinaire Jonathan Turley. I sighed and rolled my eyes, knowing that I was about to become angry. “I predict,” I said to myself, “that this will be a screed about how defendants never get to put on evidence of their innocence.”

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