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USA Today reports our latest immigration tactic: catch illegal aliens, and then immediately release them. Yes, it sounds like an Onion article, but no, I’m not kidding.


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Free sophistry lessons are available here, at Howard Bashman’s “20 Questions for Stephen Reinhardt.” Marvel as Judge Reinhardt carefully explains why, in the twelve death penalty cases on which he has cast a vote, he was compelled by law to strike down the death verdict in each and every one:

Perhaps fortunately, I have not yet been compelled to cast a vote in a case in which I believed that a proper application of the controlling law would require me to affirm a death penalty. If I were to confront such a case, I would have no choice but to so vote.

You heard right, folks. He was just doing his duty.

Can you say “Rose Bird”?

UPDATE: Pejman Yousefzadeh has some interesting comments about the interview, which he says “shows Reinhardt to be a character replete with inconstancy.”

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