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Shoot Him But Don’t Burn Him

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Someone explain to me what I am missing in this story. A guy kills a sheriff’s deputy, holes up in a shed in the California High Desert, and continually fires at deputies over the course of eight hours.

If they shot back, they would be trying to kill him, right? And that would be okay, right?

Instead, after numerous other unsucessful efforts to force him out with a battering ram and tear gas (during which he continued to fire at him), they tried to force him out with road flares.

He died, and his charred body was found in the shed. The coroner said he died of “multiple firearms wounds with other significant conditions as probable effects from thermal burns.” (That sounds to me like he was shot to death — which we already agreed would be fine — but let’s assume that the fire “contributed to his death” as the article asserts.)

Numerous experts are quoted as saying this is horrific.

What am I missing?


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The German cannibal got 8 years, and will likely serve five. His moving statement of remorse: “I had my big kick and I don’t need to do it again.”

I was going to post about how this is the end result of a philosophy that “two consenting adults should be allowed to do whatever they want” — and also shows how countries that allow euthanasia put a low value on life. Then I read Power Line’s post on the story and realized it already said everything I was going to say, and more.


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Reading this otherwise insipid column by Steve Lopez in today’s Los Angeles Dog Trainer, I noticed something interesting: Lopez admits that 10,000 people cancelled their subscriptions over the Arnold hit piece:

So far, the boycott of the L.A. Times by the Ventura County town of Santa Paula has not hit us as hard as the 10,000 subscription cancellations by apologists for Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger.

(Note that all the subscribers who cancelled are referred to as “apologists” for Schwarzenegger.)

10,000. Wow. Quite a bit more than the 1000 they originally admitted — and even more than the 9000 cancellations reported by this blog in October.

UPDATE: Turns out BoiFromTroy and L.A. Observed have made exactly the same points.


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Am I wrong to see this as the end of Howard Dean’s campaign?

I would hate to see the guy go, if only because my traffic depends so much upon people’s continuing interest in the Howard Dean scream, as well as the fact that Howard Dean sucks.

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