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Yesterday, I noticed a number of folks commenting for the first time.

I heard from Roberta (long time reader, first time commenter).

I received several comments from my brother-in-law, who posted under the name “food diary” — which no doubt left some suspicious that he was a comment spammer. Not so. In fact, he is simply a bright (though liberal) guy who heads up an inventive site that helps people watch what they eat.

Also gratifying was receiving comments from folks who run great blogs, like the comment from Spoons, and another comment from the always controversial Emperor Misha I. And it’s always great to hear from luminaries like Smash, Xrlq, and others. You know who you are.

Comments are one of the most motivating aspects of blogging. Please keep ’em coming!

And to anyone who has run across this site for the first time: welcome! I hope you enjoy what you read here, and that you come back and visit often.


  1. Wow! You weren’t kidding. I’ve missed a ton of good stuff. Normally I’d print it all out and read it during smoke breaks, but since I’ve quit smoking, I can’t do that!

    Of course, this might give me just cause to go light up… Just today, of course…

    Don’t worry – I’m kidding. Still craving, but kidding.

    Laudio (079b3f)

  2. […] Did I say “apart from one itty bitty boo-boo?” Actually, she later attempted to nullify even that, arguing that a 2 1/2 year old link by a then-obscure blogger somehow nullifies even that: But a commenter at Greenwald’s just posted some items from your blog that cause me to question whether I was a tad quick in assuming you’d been wronged. You are familiar with Misha; you welcomed him to your own place, and described his blog as great. […]

    damnum absque injuria » Weekend Doucheblogging (38c04c)

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