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Due to the mysteries of Google ranking, many people have visited this site looking for the Howard Dean scream. Even more people than have found this site by searching for the phrase “Howard Dean sucks.” Whether you are looking for reasons that Howard Dean sucks, or you simply seek the evidence that Dean is a complete fool, you have come to the right place.

As a value-added item, I hereby present this Howard Dean scream remix, courtesy of alert reader Hank K. If you can listen to this and tell me it’s not funny — honestly — then I will say to you that you are utterly lacking in a sense of humor.

Deal? Good. Now go listen to it.

UPDATE: Wizbang has a whole collection of more remixes.


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The Watcher’s Council has announced the winners of the weekly Council vote. Congratulations to Mullings for the winning Council entry, Good Morning Mespotamia! Chapter 11: Near a War Zone; In a War Zone, and to Four Right Wing Wackos for the winning non-Council entry, Unilateral? Riiiiiiiiiiiiight.


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I am watching the debate. Brit Hume just asked Clark about the London Times op-ed that I mentioned here the other day — you know, the one the Los Angeles Dog Trainer has studiously ignored up until now.

What a lame answer Clark just gave — the op-ed was published in a foreign publication, and he wasn’t going to criticize the President’s foreign policy in a foreign publication.

I guess that’s why he said:

President Bush and Tony Blair should be proud of their resolve in the face of so much doubt.

“It’s in a foreign publication, so I said the opposite of what I believe.”

What a hosehead.

The Dog Trainer editors can’t completely continue to ignore this op-ed. Let’s see how deep they bury it.


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I leave it to others to fully fisk today’s New York Times editorial titled The Power of the Gun Lobby. I simply note that the paper continues to use the hoary old trick of labeling one side “gun control advocates” and the other side “the gun lobby.”

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