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Thanks to Xrlq, who has installed MT-Blacklist here. Hopefully that will get rid of (or severely minimize) the annoying comment spam that has been popping up lately.


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Patio Pundit and Patterico agree: Edwards is the Dems’ best hope to beat Bush.


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For some reason, a lot of people are coming to this blog by searching for “Howard Dean Sucks.” Since I agree that Howard Dean sucks, I am happy to show up relatively high on the Google search for “Howard Dean sucks”. But I’d like to show up higher. How can I move up on the Google list, so that people who believe that Howard Dean sucks will come to this blog to see why Howard Dean sucks?

The Case for “Nookyoolar”

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I have long been irritated by what I considered to be Bush’s mispronunciation of the word “nuclear.” My motto has been: “If he can’t pronounce the word, perhaps he shouldn’t be allowed to launch the weapons.”

But here comes a post by Beldar with several cites (in the updates) to posts defending the pronunciation. [UPDATE: The posts collected by Beldar are from the Curmudgeonly Clerk and Prof. Volokh.]

I will still teach my children to pronounce it “noo-klee-ur,” but having read these posts, I will not be so quick to conclude that the other pronunciation is objectively “wrong.”


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I was thinking about John Kerry’s snooze-inducing acceptance speech in Iowa, and Howard Dean’s manic outburst, and it occurred to me: what would happen if you combined these two guys into a single individual? Would the result be a candidate with an appropriate level of energy?

Or would it be a haughty-looking guy who screams maniacally and incoherently about having been to Vietnam?

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