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Saw “21 Grams” today.

Great movie. But I don’t think I’ll ever see it again. It’s too depressing.


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Just watched Jesse Ventura Howard Dean give his post-caucus speech. If Dean loses, he has a career as a pro wrestler — if his shouting voice is any indication. The word “raspy” has a new meaning tonight. Is this a side effect of uppers?

Is he going to list all the states yet to come in every future speech?

Truly frightening. You know what I mean if you saw it.

UPDATE: I have provided a video clip of the insane outburst speech in this post.


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Every so often I add a site to my blogroll that is so good, it is an embarrassment that it wasn’t there before. And so it is with Winds of Change, a group blog featuring one of my favorite pseudonymous bloggers: “Armed Liberal.” Love that name.

Drop in on them, and (as they say on the radio) tell ’em Patterico sent you.


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Anyone who says Judge Pickering is a racist should read this post and the links cited in it.


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I haven’t really followed the horse race in Iowa. I just know that the only candidate who frightens me (i.e. has a prayer of beating Bush) is Edwards.

If the Democrats figure that out, it could get ugly.

UPDATE: I said the above this morning. As of tonight, it’s looking like a substantial percentage of Iowa voters agree.

Kerry will get ripped up by the press like Gore did.

Dean and Clark have said too many contradictory things on the war, and don’t seem trustworthy on national security.

Only Edwards has a chance.

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