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Over at Winds of Change, Armed Liberal has a photo gallery of pictures memorializing Saddam’s capture. They were supplied by an anonymous source. An impressive scoop for Armed Liberal.


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Who said this? (Via the Captain.)

Saddam Hussein . . . is not only malevolent and violent, but also unpredictable. He retains his chemical and biological warfare capabilities and is actively pursuing nuclear capabilities. Were he to acquire such capabilities, we and our friends in the region would face greatly increased risks. Saddam might use such weapons as a deterrent while launching attacks against Israel or his neighbors, he might threaten American forces in the region, he might strike directly against Israel, or Israel, weighing the possibilities of nuclear blackmail or aggression, might feel compelled to strike Iraq first.

Saddam has been pursuing nuclear weapons for over twenty years. . . [T]he UN weapons inspectors, who provided some assistance in impeding his development programs, have been absent from Iraq for over four years. And the sanctions regime, designed to restrict his access to weapons materials and the resources needed to procure them, has continuously eroded. At some point, it may become possible for Saddam to acquire the fissionable materials or uranium ore that he needs. And therefore, Iraq is not a problem that can be indefinitely postponed.

In addition, Saddam Hussein’s current retention of chemical and biological weapons and their respective delivery systems violates the UN resolutions themselves, which carry the weight of international law.

Our President has emphasized the urgency of eliminating these weapons and weapons programs. I strongly support his efforts to encourage the United Nations to act on this problem. And in taking this to the United Nations, the President’s clear determination to act if the United Nations can’t provides strong leverage undergirding further diplomatic efforts.

. . . .

If efforts to resolve the problem by using the United Nations fail, either initially or ultimately, the US should form the broadest possible coalition, including its NATO allies and the North Atlantic Council if possible, to bring force to bear. . . . This action should not be categorized as “preemptive.”

a) George W. Bush
b) Donald Rumsfeld
c) Wesley Clark
d) Colin Powell

Hint: the same person also said:

I’ve been very consistent… I’ve been against this war from the beginning. . . . I was against it last summer, I was against it in the fall, I was against it in the winter, I was against it in the spring. And I’m against it now.

The correct answer: “c” — for “clown.”

UPDATE: Joshua Micah Marshall (don’t forget the “Micah”!) claims that the Drudge quotes of the Clark speech are distorted. Well, I didn’t use those. My quotes come straight from the transcript of Clark’s testimony before the House Armed Services Committee.


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Via L.A. Observed comes this interview with Harry Shearer. Regular readers of this blog know that Patterico has stolen ideas from received inspiration from Shearer — a brilliant comedic talent and political commentator (albeit hopeless liberal).

Especially eye-catching to Patterico are Harry’s choice words about the local Dog Trainer. Some of those choice words are unprintable at this family blog, so follow the link and enjoy.


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The Watcher’s Council has announced the winners of the weekly Council vote. I am honored to have had the winning Council entry, Patterico’s Los Angeles Dog Trainer Year in Review: 2003. Congratulations to IMAO for the winning non-Council entry, In My Possible Future World: The Howard Dean Presidency.

Thanks to the people who voted for my entry.

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