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Teenagers Hack Burger King Drive-Through Speaker

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Alert reader Dean L. points Patterico to this Fox News story:

I’ll Take the &*$@#! Fries With That

Local cops are scrambling to find the jokester who’s hacked into a Burger King’s (search) drive-through speaker in Troy, Mich., telling customers they’re too fat to order Whoppers.

Police figure some teenagers must have discovered the radio frequency used to transmit conversations between the parking-lot order kiosk and the restaurant kitchen, according to

One customer was told: “You don’t need a couple of Whoppers. You’re too fat. Pull ahead,” according to police Lt. Gerry Scherlinck.

When the manager came out to apologize to a carload of customers who’d just heard a stream of obscenities, the drive-through speaker had a special message for him as well.

“There’s nothing you or the police can do about this,” said the speaker, “so get your fat ass back inside and take your goons with you,” Scherlinck told the Detroit News.

Kevin Barnes, a spokesman for the franchise company that owns the restaurant, said he’d like to keep news of the incidents low-key.

Nice try, Kevin.


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The New York Times has a story titled The Retired General: Tape Shows General Clark Linking Iraq and Al Qaeda. The first paragraph reads:

Less than a year before he entered the race for the Democratic nomination for president, Gen. Wesley K. Clark said that he believed there was a connection between the Iraqi government and Al Qaeda.

Wesley Clark saying something that directly contradicts something he said before, and panders to the left? (Via Pejmanesque.)

Sigh. Add it to the list.


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Power Line has the goods on the O’Neill/Suskind Hoax. The “Pentagon document” titled “‘Foreign Suitors for Iraq Oilfield Contracts” is no such thing. (Via the Captain.)

Pass it on.


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PrestoPundit has a solid analysis of why the elite class supports illegal immigration: to keep an ever-growing poverty class to do unskilled jobs dirt cheap, and to enjoy the “moral power they gain from paternalistically ‘caring for’ an ever growing poverty class.”

Worth a read.

PrestoPundit follows up with this. Read it too.

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