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The Watcher has more on the missing Air France passenger, who the French say is not a terrorist — as far as they know.


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Paul O’Neill says the Bush Administration had a plan for invading Iraq before 9/11. Big whoop. We have plans to invade everywhere. We probably have a military plan to invade Canada. (Now that I say that out loud, it sounds pretty good. They should be easy to beat, and they have lots of beer and back bacon, eh?)

For a less flippant take, read the Captain’s analysis.

P.S. O’Neill also says he saw a plan for postwar Iraq early in the Bush Administration. So I fully expect that we will no longer hear claims that Bush had “no plan” for postwar Iraq. Right?! I’m talking to you, Wesley Clark, Howard Dean, and John Kerry.


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King of Fools explains here that January 21st is the last day for Blogspot sufferers to get off that unreliable service, and onto a free Movable Type hosting service. I did it, with the help of Xrlq, and I couldn’t be happier. 1&1 doesn’t go down all the time like Blogspot did, and my page can be pulled up much more quickly. Trackback is automatic, which gets me more traffic. Comments are more reliable, and I can see which ones were posted most recently. I have my own domain, and it cost me 6 bucks. The list of advantages goes on and on.

I would especially like to see The Angry Clam and BoiFromTroy get off of Blogspot and onto 1&1.


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I am happy to report that fellow Bear Flagger Slings And Arrows has moved to a Movable Type driven site. I now have a working XML feed for him, and can read him in my Bloglines Aggregator (which means I will read him much more often).


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(Accepted Wisdom™ is a semi-regular feature of this site, highlighting contradictory viewpoints held by the elite.)

It is Accepted Wisdom™ that:

Prosecutors act courageously when they say they will never ask for the death penalty or seek a third-strike enhancement when the third strike is not a serious or violent felony. Prosecutors have discretion, and if they choose to exercise that discretion the same way every time, that’s fine, because they are elected officials.

And at the same time:

Governor Gray Davis had no right to announce that he would never parole murderers. The law required him to exercise his discretion, and he can’t possibly be exercising his discretion properly if he comes to the same conclusion in every case.


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The Washington Post has an editorial judging NAFTA on its ten-year anniversary. The end of the editorial notes that NAFTA:

raised Mexican living standards too — relieving migration pressure which, though undoubtedly strong, would have been still stronger in the absence of NAFTA.

This last point is often disputed, because of another demagogic fallacy. The critics look at Mexican wage growth since 1994 and report that it’s been negligible — and that therefore NAFTA failed. But this skates over the devastating peso crisis of 1994-95, which caused wages to fall by about a fifth (or more, in U.S. dollar terms). It ignores China’s entry into the World Trade Organization, which has put pressure on low-wage competitors such as Mexico. And it ignores the fact that Mexico’s performance has actually been better than that of most other Latin American countries. Given all these obstacles, wage levels that match those existing before the peso crisis represent an achievement. The World Bank recently concluded that Mexico’s GDP per person is 4 percent higher today than it would have been without NAFTA. That’s good for the United States, too.

This echoes the points I made in this post, in which I criticized the portrayal of NAFTA on the front page of our local Dog Trainer. It also reinforces the general point I made in this post: that Mexican immigration issues are more rooted in economic policy than in immigration policy.

Patterico Watches the Weasels

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I am pleased to say that Patterico has been granted a coveted spot on the Watcher’s Council. I have added the member sites to my list of links on the left; please go visit any with which you are unfamiliar.


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I have added three blogs to my list of links to the left. All three are conservative sites that I try to read every day, and have been reading for several weeks. Each has consistently informative and well-written posts, and I can recommend them without hesitation. Welcome to Pejmanesque, Power Line, and The Spoons Experience.


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A pro-Israel web site criticizes the Los Angeles Dog Trainer‘s 2003 coverage of issues relating to Israel. (Via Patio Pundit.)

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