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Patterico: (Temporary?) Large Mammal

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It appears Patterico has crept into a (no doubt temporary) Large Mammal status in the Truth Laid Bear Blogosphere Ecosystem. Thanks to everyone who has visited and linked. Here’s hoping I can stay large, and still maintain the very high metabolism rate I have.

P.S. E-Claire is also large and mammalian. (At least her web site is.) Go congratulate her. I have a feeling she will remain unpouched longer than I will . . .

5 Responses to “Patterico: (Temporary?) Large Mammal”

  1. Congratulations!! Yeah, I’ve bopped around between Large Mammal and Marauding Marsupial for the last couple of weeks — it’s hard to maintain that upward momentum. You’re doing great!

    Captain Ed (bbdf20)

  2. It’s all about the links, my friend, as I certainly would be a tiny amoeba if ’twere about the traffic!

    Go Large Mammals!

    Claire (222d9a)

  3. Listen here, sonny-boy. When I became a Large Mammal, you had to rank in the top 340. I floundered in the 400 range for weeks as a Marauding Marsupial. That’s the way it was back then, and we LIKED it!

    Angry Old Man (6c76c4)

  4. You’ll be pleased to learn I have bounced back down to Marsupial status, Angry Old Man. It’s a hard road we travel, and it’s uphill both ways.

    Patterico (f7b3e5)

  5. Speaking of bouncing back…

    Xrlq (6c76c4)

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