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The Adventurous Matt Yglesias

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Matthew Yglesias has a post titled Space: Who Cares?. Here are his brilliant insights:

Once again I’m driven to wonder why the government is exploring outer space. I mean sure, yes, it has always been the human dream to watch televised versions of photographs taken by robots but what’s the point? I’d rather have a Formula One team. The sad fact of the matter is that television shows about space exploration (particularly partial to Star Trek: The Next Generation, but Enterprise is fun too) are way more interesting than actually existing space exploration. Call me when we figure out how to travel faster than light and I’ll sign on.

We’ll get right on that, Matt-o — because it’s very important to us that you sign on.

I hereby propose that humans abandon any endeavor that is less entertaining in real life than a TV version would be. I guess that does leave only one thing: Matt’s pet sport of car racing, which is probably thrilling to participate in, but deadly dull to watch on the tube (unless of course somebody dies — now that’s good TV!)

If this kind of thinking had been prevalent in 1492, I wouldn’t get to take Columbus Day off every year.

As Bugs would say: “What a maroon.”


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The latest on the murder of Baltimore Assistant U.S. Attorney Jonathan Luna is here. It ain’t much. (Via How Appealing.)


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Taking a cue (read: stealing) from Harry Shearer (as is my wont), I have decided to do a post of Frequently Unasked Questions, or FUQs. A link to this post will remain on the main page.

Who are you?

Not tellin’. Not that it’s some big secret. You can probably find out who I am — if you really care. Indeed, if you’re a regular reader, you’ll figure it out sooner or later. I just want to make you work a little bit.

Where does the name “Patterico” come from?

My dad used to call me this sometimes when I was a kid.

How do you pronounce “Patterico”?


Why do you run this site?

I explained this in the second post I ever did:

My initial intent with this page is to provide an outlet for my rants that I have in the past sent to people via e-mail. Mass e-mails mean that my opinions may be forced upon people who might not want to hear them. This blog cures that problem, since by definition you have to seek out the page to read the opinion. On the other hand, the blog format has its disadvantages — mainly in that my opinions cannot be forced upon people who don’t want to hear them.

I am still working on a regime whereby my opinions are forcibly jammed down people’s throats, whether they like it or not.

What is the “Dog Trainer“?

The term is a light-hearted reference to the Los Angeles Times. The origin of the phrase is explained in this post. Basically, I stole it from Harry Shearer (just like the title of this post!).

Do you really think the Dog Trainer thinks you are Public Enemy #1?

I average a few hundred anywhere from 1000-4000 visits a day. The Los Angeles Times has a circulation of over one million about 900,000. What do you think?

Of course, their circulation keeps going down, and my traffic has steadily increased . . . But it’s quite some time before those particular trend lines are likely to meet. By then, I’ll be long since dead.

[UPDATE 6-14-10: I’m now up to 12,000 to 15,000 hits per day. They’re down to a print circulation of 723,000 per day. Those lines are going to cross any day now!]

Do you think you are Public Enemy #1?

According to the internet (which knows everything), this title used to belong to Al Capone, and now belongs to spam. I wouldn’t dare presume to place myself in such illustrious company.

I may update this post from time to time, if I think of other questions that people never bother asking me.

Patterico: (Temporary?) Large Mammal

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It appears Patterico has crept into a (no doubt temporary) Large Mammal status in the Truth Laid Bear Blogosphere Ecosystem. Thanks to everyone who has visited and linked. Here’s hoping I can stay large, and still maintain the very high metabolism rate I have.

P.S. E-Claire is also large and mammalian. (At least her web site is.) Go congratulate her. I have a feeling she will remain unpouched longer than I will . . .


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If I were the worryin’ type, this would worry me. (Via Venomous Kate.)

Wait — I am the worryin’ type.


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There is a new constitution in Afghanistan, and the United States will begin to transfer power to Iraqis this week.

The Washington Post‘s article on the Iraqi transition suggests some concern over the fact that there are many details yet to be worked out. Well, that’s politics for you: it’s messy and uncertain — unless, of course, you live in a dictatorship. (All links via the RantingProfs.)


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Here is Spirit’s first picture of the surface of Mars, from the surface of Mars. For more, go to this page at the website.


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