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While Tim Rutten complains that CBS essentially paid Michael Jackson for the “60 Minutes” interview, I am concerned about a far more shocking ethical violation: Dick Clark selling his soul to M&M/MARS. Did you see this? It was bad enough when he interviewed the M&M spokescandies, but when he started popping black and white M&Ms into his mouth — when he was supposed to be worrying about the ball dropping in Times Square — shameful. The integrity of the Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve program has taken a big, big hit.


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The Watcher’s Council has announced the winners of the weekly Council vote. Congratulations to Aaron’s Rantblog for the winning Council entry, What Makes Texas More Sacred To The US than Judea and Samaria to Israel?, and to The Right Coast for the winning non-Council entry, On the First Day of Kwanzaa, My True Love Tortured Me ….


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The best way to take stock of the importance of last year is to read posts by Iraqi bloggers, as cited at BuzzMachine. Here is an excerpt from an especially moving passage by Iraqi blogger Mohammad:

Good bye 2003, good bye my most beautiful year. I’ll grieve your end and sing your legend as long as I live.
You made my greatest dream come true.

Happy New Year to Mohammad. May this year be even better than the last.

And Happy New Year to all readers of this site.


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Via Venomous Kate comes a quiz for bloggers, which analyzes whether the test-taker is a Blogaholic. I think it’s broken, though. I got only 48 points out of 100:

You are a casual weblogger. You only blog when you have nothing better to do, which is not very often. There’s nothing wrong with that. But if you’d post a little more often, you’d make your readers very happy.

Tell that to my wife.

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