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Hugo, in the comments to the entry immediately below, suggests a better way to deal with tailgaters: let it go. Don’t play games with people using your car. Upon reflection, I believe Hugo’s solution is better than mine.

Hugo’s comment caused me to remember that once, when I used the “dirty up the tailgater’s car with windshield cleaning spray” ploy I describe in the post below, the guy became so enraged that he zoomed around me and slammed on his brakes, creating a very dangerous situation for both of us. If I had simply let it go, I could have avoided the danger.

I had my revenge anyway. Weeks later, I saw that same guy standing on the side of the road, speaking to a cop about an accident that he had been in (and had probably caused). It wasn’t a serious accident — both drivers appeared fine — but there was some property damage. I didn’t have time to stop, but I later phoned the police agency, described the accident and the guy, and told them that the guy was a menace and had probably caused the accident. Even if they never did anything with that information, the fact that he had been in an accident (with all the attendant hassle, increased insurance premiums, etc.) was revenge enough.

I just felt sorry for the other guy in the accident.

Anyway, I hereby endorse the Hugo Method for Dealing with Jerks on the Road. Let it go.

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