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Googling Idiotic Statements by Liberals

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A hearty welcome to the person who found my blog by conducting a Google search for the phrase idiotic statements by liberals. You have found your home here!


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Via Dale Franks’s blog comes the link to Nat Hentoff’s column on the Supreme Court’s disastrous campaign finance decision. I have been saying lately that Hentoff is fast becoming one of my favorite columnists. This column is a good example of why.


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The Patterico blogroll expands again today with two sites that should have been added long ago: RantingProfs and BuzzMachine. If you aren’t visiting these sites daily, you are missing out.

Both of these sites keep a close watch on the media. RantingProfs is run by two college professors who teach Communications Studies. By far the more prolific blogger of the two is Cori Dauber, who has been a guest blogger at the Volokh Conspiracy, another great site.

BuzzMachine is run by Jeff Jarvis, who has been a TV critic and newspaper columnist, among other things.

Both of these folks will astound you with their sheer blogging output. You’ll be amazed that such a tremendous output of posts can contain this much interesting, original, and insightful material.

If you haven’t visited these sites before, please do so now.

P.S. For an example of some excellent entries from these sites, check these out:

The Profs have this criticism of French officials for turning away passengers on the recently cancelled flight before they checked in: “Oh, that’s just spectacularly brilliant. We think one or more of you may be terrorists, so we’re sending you all home now. And we wonder how the shoe bomber got past these people.”

The Profs call on the U.S. to help Iran after the recent earthquake there, to strengthen the hand of the protesters in Iran seeking democracy.

And for a good example of BuzzMachine at work, check out this roundup of Iraqi blogs. Jarvis has done much to promote the Iraqi section of the blogosphere, and even sent a digital camera to one of them — the act that broke the story that there were actually anti-terrorism protests going on over there.

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