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Don’t lie down near starving cats.


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Steve Lopez of the Los Angeles Dog Trainer has this sob story about a couple who wrote Arnold Schwarzenegger a letter and tried to hand deliver it to him — but were not allowed to. And he said he was the Governor of the people!

Here’s what happened. The couple went to a Laker game that Schwarzenegger attended. The Governor was going to skyboxes, visiting constitutents who had paid big money for the privilege of shaking his hand. The couple approached Arnold’s aides in a respectful manner, and said: “We are taxpayers, and the Governor said he would be the Governor of all the people. We would like to deliver this message to him.” They were turned away, making for a nice contrast. The rich guys get the access, while the poor were turned away.

Except that’s not really how it happened. I’ll let Lopez take it from here:

Just before halftime, a cluster of security guards and advance men appeared. And suddenly, there was Gov. Schwarzenegger, who ducked into a skybox.

Pat and Dave hurried over and stationed themselves outside the box, even as two or three security guards gave them a wary eye. The ruse was that Pat wanted an autograph and Dave wanted to take a picture.

No autographs, guards told Pat.

They had no idea who they were dealing with.

When Schwarzenegger emerged, tightly surrounded by ushers, guards and henchmen, they made a mad dash for a nearby exit.

Pat was not intimidated. As she darted into the phalanx in white pearls and a red holiday sweater, I feared for her. But she was nimble, quick and powerful, looking more like Shaq than a mother of five and grandmother of 11.

Pat was briefly knocked sideways in the mosh pit, and I thought she might go down. But she had an important message to deliver and failure was not an option, as Arnold often says. She bulled ahead, inching closer to Schwarzenegger with the letter extended.

Finally, she was within reach. But as she handed the letter to the Gov, an aide whisked it away.

“I don’t think they expected an old lady to move that fast,” Pat said before camping out at the next skybox for another shot at the governor.

The guards wanted no part of her by then. One of the governor’s advance men took another copy of the letter and promised to deliver it to Schwarzenegger.

One week later, Pat is still waiting for his call.

So, a couple of yahoos tell Arnold’s security guards “We want an autograph” and they say no. Then one of them — who is still (as far as anyone there knows) a crazed autograph seeker — makes a mad dash into his security entourage. She tries to hand off a letter to the Governor. Does it have anthrax in it? Who knows? An aide takes it. She stalks him further for a chance to hand him another copy. Finally another aide says he’ll deliver the letter — a letter in which she says she didn’t vote for Schwarzenegger (although her husband did). Now, after a whole week, the Governor hasn’t called.

Well cry me a freakin’ river.


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The New York Times gloats over the Jose Padilla decision.

Meanwhile, Eugene Volokh says it will be reversed.

Glenn Reynolds wonders whether it would make a difference if Padilla were known by the name he was using when arrested: Abdullah al-Muhajir.

Maybe it would. But it shouldn’t. Should it?

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