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As part of the ongoing effort by conservatives to steal elections across the country, I am happy to report that Patterico has won the Wizbang Award for Best Marauding Marsupials Blog. Patterico was not elected so much as selected, by an elite cabal of opinionmakers including Smash and Hugh Hewitt.

I’ll take it any way I can get it. Thanks to these fine folks, and to Xrlq, for all the help over the past couple of weeks. And congratulations are also in order to Hewitt, Smash, and Xrlq — who won in their respective categories.

Also, thanks to you actual readers who voted (in some cases repeatedly) for Patterico. You know who you are. I appreciate it.

Without further ado, here is the complete slate of winners:

  • Best Overall Blog: Little Green Footballs
  • Best New Blog: Allah Is In The House
  • Best Group Blog: The Volokh Conspiracy
  • Best Foreign Blog: Merde In France
  • Best Humor Blog: Allah Is In The House
  • Best Looking Blog: Snazzy Kat
  • Best Female Authored Blog: (tie) Meryl Yourish and Asymmetrical Information
  • Best Liberal Blog: Michael J. Totten
  • Best Conservative Blog: Hugh Hewitt
  • Best Media/Journalist Blog: Opinion Journal (Best Of The Web by James Taranto)
  • Best Ecosystem Higher Beings & Mortal Humans Blog: James Lileks
  • Best Ecosystem Playful Primates Blog: Citizen Smash
  • Best Ecosystem Large Mammals Blog: damnum absque injuria
  • Best Ecosystem Marauding Marsupials Blog: Patterico’s Pontifications
  • Best Ecosystem Adorable Rodents Blog: Yale Diva
  • Best Ecosystem Flappy Birds Blog: Busy Mom Blog
  • Best Ecosystem Slithering Reptiles Blog: Buddha’s Den
  • Best Ecosystem Crawly Amphibians Blog: Tasty Manatees
  • Best Ecosystem Flippery Fish Blog: Sweetness Follows
  • Best Ecosystem Slimy Molluscs (and below) Blog: Jozjozjoz
  • Most Egregious Omission: Not A Fish

    1. So what happens now? When do you guys get your solid gold trophies??

      Laudio (079b3f)

    2. What happens now is I sit back and watch the visitors roll in. . .



      Is anyone THERE?!?!?!

      Patterico (0d264d)

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