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The headline of this New York Times article is: Ridge Favors a Status Short of Citizenship for Illegal Immigrants. Well, so do I. But when you read the first sentence, it appears that the headline omitted the word “legal”:

Homeland Security Secretary Tom Ridge has called for millions of illegal immigrants in the United States to be given some sort of legal status short of citizenship, a proposal suggesting that the Bush administration might revive an ambitious legalization plan that was sidetracked after the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks.

Yup, that’s right: Tom Ridge wants to make millions of illegal immigrants into “some sort of” legal immigrants.

Nothing says “Homeland Security” to me like legalizing millions of illegals. How about you?


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Michael Williams writes An Open Letter to Hawthorne Police Chief Stephen Port on the occasion of Port’s arbitrary denial of Mr. Williams’s application for a CCW permit.

We’re rapidly getting rid of that pesky Bill of Rights, one amendment at a time. First the First Amendment fell, and now this. Get ready to start quartering soldiers in your home.


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A blog I read regularly is HipperCritical. I think it has earned a place on the blogroll. Go check it out.


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Earlier in the week, the Los Angeles Dog Trainer ran this profile of a guy named Virgil Butler, who used to work for Tyson Chicken. In the piece, Butler relates harrowing tales of his mass slaughter of chickens, and says his time at Tyson was more haunting than when he killed enemy soldiers in Panama, or when he spent time in prison for manslaughter.

But last night, Brit Hume reported in this segment on his show that Butler has no manslaughter conviction, and never served in Panama (or even in the U.S. military). In other words (if Brit Hume is right), Butler is a big fat liar — and the Dog Trainer got taken in. If that’s true, it’s pretty embarrassing.

Unfortunately, Brit Hume did not give further detail, so I don’t know whether he got it wrong, or the Dog Trainer did. If anyone has more information on this, please let me know. The paper has not issued a correction.

(By the way, I am not a fan of corporate farming. If the Dog Trainer screwed this story up, it says more about the Dog Trainer than it necessarily says about corporate farming.)


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While we’re talking about the car tax and the Los Angeles Dog Trainer, allow me to note this Dog Trainer correction from December 10:

An article in Tuesday’s California section about the effect of the car tax reduction on local government said car tax made up a third of Los Angeles County revenue. The reference should have been to the county’s general fund revenue, the funds over which the county government has discretion in spending. Most of the county budget bypasses the general fund. Overall, the county budget is $17.1 billion, of which the car tax contributes $700 million.

So instead of being a third of the county’s revenue, the car tax is about 4% of county revenue. Because of the importance of the general fund, this is not chicken feed, but that’s a pretty big error.

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