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BoiFromTroy makes an important (if obvious) point picked up by Dan Weintraub — but completely missed by our local Dog Trainer in the story titled Schwarzenegger Retreats on Key Campaign Vows. As BoiFromTroy correctly notes, the executive branch does not have the power to raise revenue by fiat (contrary to what Gray Davis might have thought). Accordingly, criticizing Arnold for the mess faced by local governments strengthens the hand of Democrats — making it less likely that local governments will see the money they so desperately need.

However, I think that BoiFromTroy (and Weintraub) are wrong if they are saying that the criticism of Arnold is completely unwarranted.


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I have been thanking a lot of people lately, but that’s because many people have done a lot of nice things for me.

Thanks to the Steves, especially Steve G., who brainstormed and produced the snazzy banner you see at the top. If you like it, leave a comment and tell them. They will see it.

Thanks again to Xrlq, who updated my template today. See over there on the left, where there is a list of the most recent comments? He did that. He also set up the category archives, and fixed the extended view so it stays on the main blog page. All great stuff — and he was working through the pain from his accident.

And thanks again to Smash for his post emphasizing the need to vote for this blog (and for Xrlq) in the Wizbang Awards — every 12 hours.

P.S. I should also acknowledge the work of honorary “Steve” Dean L. in constructing the banner above. Thanks, Dean.


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SoCalLawyer ably leaps on Erwin Chemerinsky for his glaring error in the analysis of Rhonda Miller’s frivolous libel suit against Arnold. (Chemerinsky called Miller “clearly a private figure” when she is clearly a limited purpose public figure.) A very interesting and worthwhile post. Check it out.

UPDATE: SoCalLawyer points out that the post was actually by his sometime co-blogger Justin Levine.


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Incredible. Congress passes a clearly unconstitutional law preventing corporations and political parties from criticizing candidates for federal office just before an election — and the Los Angeles Dog Trainer pens an editorial titled Big Money Loses One.

How about “First Amendment Repealed”? Wouldn’t that be a better title?

UPDATE: The Washington Post gloats as well.


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My thanks go out to Smash for his support of Patterico in the Wizbang contest.

Oh — and vote!

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