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In a fairly shocking development, “The Cheese Stands Alone” has made a startling leap from third place into first place in the Marauding Marsupials contest. I can’t say for sure, but I think it gained more than 30 votes in an hour or two. This in a contest in which the top contenders have around 140 votes after several days of voting.

Strange, indeed.

UPDATE: Kevin reports that this was no accident. Apparently some fan of “Cheese Stands Alone” has been stuffing the ballot box. A 35-vote adjustment is pending; Patterico is still clearly in first place.

But don’t get complacent! Vote every 12 hours!

UPDATE x2: The proprietor of “Cheese Stands Alone” says that 1) she is not responsible for the ballot-box-stuffing, and 2) she perceives this entry as gloating.

Note that I never said that she was responsible — just that a fan was. I fully accept her representation that she didn’t do this.

Nor did I mean to gloat. I saw an unusual voting pattern and commented on it. Then, when it was revealed to be ballot-box-stuffing, I updated the post (including altering the title of the post). If that comes across to anyone as gloating, I am sorry — but that was definitely not my intent.


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An overdue thanks to Xrlq and Wizbang for helping me move off Blogspot. Xrlq spent hours on the phone with me talking me through the process — even from his hospital bed! Wizbang also offered advice at a couple of critical junctures. I am deeply indebted to both.


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This week’s it’s hosted at Miller’s Time. Enjoy.

P.S. Welcome to new Bear Flagger BelowStreetLevel.


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The Dog Trainer reports that the Supreme Court has upheld the awful campaign finance reform law. The decision is here.

It is my practice not to criticize court decisions before reading them. However, I am extremely skeptical that I will be persuaded by this one. I explained my views of why the campaign finance law was clearly unconstitutional in this post from September 7. My views have not changed. Also, from media reports, it appears clear that the case of Buckley v. Valeo — which I have read and which was a completely wrong-headed decision — was not overruled by today’s ruling.

When you think of the United States of America, you think of freedom of speech — especially political speech. This law sure seemed to cut deeply into political speech.

More after I read the decision, which I understand is quite long.

UPDATE: The Other Xrlq, cross-blogging at Xrlq, has a nice round-up of blogger reaction to the decision.

UPDATE x2: Captain’s Quarters has some thoughts as well.

UPDATE x3: Eugene Volokh points out that newspapers are corporations, too. In other words, government regulation of the press is a logical extension of the Court’s reasoning.

UPDATE x4: Spoons has an epitaph for free speech: Freedom of Speech: 1791 – 2003. Based on what I know, I don’t think he is exaggerating one bit.

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